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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello! It's Sarah. My Mama's helping me do a post.

As you know I'm six years old. I love: Puppies, making friends, my sisters and lots more! When I grow up I want too be a veterinarian.

Today I'm going to post about my BFFs.

This is Meg. She is my twin sister and my best friend since the day we were born. Which I don't even remember being in born or being in a foster home with Kassy and Meg. I Just remember being a little three year old living here. But that doesn't really madder. Meg is always there for me. Even though she has other friend s at school who like sports and stuff. She and I are both gonna be veterinarians when we grow up. Where going to have a pet vet called Sarah and Meg's animal rescue and adoption center.

This is Emeline. She was Adopted last year in the spring form England! I was superr excited because I thought she might no a real princess. (Actually she doesn't and she's basically like me and Meg except she has a really pretty British accent. Also Kassy said it was babyish of me to thinkshe would know an actual princess. Kassy's kind of mean some times.) Anyway, she's super good at ballet. She's in an advanced class with nine-year-olds! Also when she's bigger she's probably gonna be on broad way and she'll probably get to be O'dette in the swan lake. 

From the day Emeline arrived we became quick friends. And before I knew it we became the three best friends there ever were!

(Photography credit: Alanna)

We like playing games together. Sometimes we play princess, or animals, or hide and seek. In the picture we're playing ring around the rosies.

That's all for now. Happy valentines day!


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