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Monday, February 25, 2013

One day left!

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Good luck!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Interview with Flower!

Hello! We recently had the change to interview Flower from Molly and Me.

Here it is!

1. What is your favorite thing to do with your dolls? I love dressing my doll. It's so fun to create a stylish outfit and hairstyle!

2. If you could get any three dolls for free, which ones would you choose? I would IMMEDIATELY pick Saige! I think she is beautiful! Then I would get Emily Bennett and Chrissa!

3. What's your favorite type of american girl, historical characters, girls of the years or my american girl? I love historical characters best! I love how they have a story and there clothing and personality go along with there time period!

4. What is your favorite girl of the year? I adore Saige!!!! She is soooo pretty! I also like Chrissa!

6. What is your favorite historical doll? My favorite historical doll would have to be Felicity! Her time period is my favorite time in American history! I have Molly and love her just as well!

7. What is your favorite my american girl (just like you) doll? I have never had an American Girl just like you doll but I think they are a great idea! I love how you can make them look like you!!

8. What is your favorite thing about blogging? I love sharing my crafts, Ideas, and opinions! I love to write and create things which makes my experience with blogging even better! Thanks so much Meg for having me on your blog! I am ever so grateful!

Thank you so much Flower! 

Please check out her awesome blog here. She posts a lot of really fun crafts!

If you would like to be featured on our blog just comment below.

Thank you!

~The dolls of innerstar central~

(Picture above belongs to Flower. They are not ours.)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 steps for turning an old bookshelf into an amazing doll house!

Hello! This is Lanie (again) we're going to be getting a spring design soon. But Mother (Meg) has been super busy was Dazzling Design Studio he design blog. But we'll probably have it soon. (Possibly on Sunday!)Also we might be making a video with interviews. 

Anyway I'll get to the actual post now. 

Today I'm going to post about how to make a doll house ( best for 13 and eighteen inch dolls).

(NOTE: This was actually now we live on the top shelf in her closet. We'll post more about that later.)

Step 1: Find an old bookshelf. NOTE: Make sure that it it's okay with your parents, and you don't need the bookshelf any more.

Step 2: Make sure your doll(s) can fit in at least one of the rows like the picture below 

Step 3:Decorate it! Decorate all the rooms the bed rooms, the kitchen, the bathroom and more!
NOTE: If you have a lot of dolls like us, you can make every room a bedroom. But, if you have only one or two dolls, feel free to get creative and  make other rooms. (For example: Bedroom, bathroom, craft room, garden,  TV room and more!)

Here are some ideas

(Note from owner) Felicity is into sports and horses, she's a tomboy. So I designed her poster.

(Note from owner) Lanie is into nature and animals so I made this poster for her room.

Make a poster for your doll!

Step 4: (For bedrooms) Furnish it! For a bedroom put in bedding. (See the picture of me above.) Then Make it her style! If she loves dogs give her a stuffed dog or a dog poster, if she loves dance give her a dance poster or a dance trophy. (For other rooms) If it's a TV room you can make a TV out of cardboard or paper. Is it a library or reading nook? then get little books and comfy bedding. You can almost anything! Just get creative and think!

Step 5: Move your dolls to their new home! Find a spot in your room to keep it in. It's very handy, it doesn't take up much space at all! Just find a good area and set it up. Now let your dolls enjoy their new living space!

Here are some pictures of my complete doll house:

From the top

Felicity's room

My room

Kassy's room

Emeline, Sarah and Meg's room.
Have fun, and thanks for reading!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines day post by Lanie

Happy (late) valentines day! Today I'm going to post some cute Valentines day pictures.

Our family picture from the Valentines day photo shoot.

Me and my little sisters. (Kassy: I am NOT litltle) (Felicity: Neither am I) (Kassy: Yeah, your eight your practically a baby) Anyway, you're both younger than me so you are my little sisters. 

I'm going to give a shout out to my best friend Chrissa! She's really nice, creative and fun to hang out with. Please check out her awesome blog here.

Well, that's about it! I know it's kind of short. But we'll post again soon!

How was your Valentines day?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello! It's Sarah. My Mama's helping me do a post.

As you know I'm six years old. I love: Puppies, making friends, my sisters and lots more! When I grow up I want too be a veterinarian.

Today I'm going to post about my BFFs.

This is Meg. She is my twin sister and my best friend since the day we were born. Which I don't even remember being in born or being in a foster home with Kassy and Meg. I Just remember being a little three year old living here. But that doesn't really madder. Meg is always there for me. Even though she has other friend s at school who like sports and stuff. She and I are both gonna be veterinarians when we grow up. Where going to have a pet vet called Sarah and Meg's animal rescue and adoption center.

This is Emeline. She was Adopted last year in the spring form England! I was superr excited because I thought she might no a real princess. (Actually she doesn't and she's basically like me and Meg except she has a really pretty British accent. Also Kassy said it was babyish of me to thinkshe would know an actual princess. Kassy's kind of mean some times.) Anyway, she's super good at ballet. She's in an advanced class with nine-year-olds! Also when she's bigger she's probably gonna be on broad way and she'll probably get to be O'dette in the swan lake. 

From the day Emeline arrived we became quick friends. And before I knew it we became the three best friends there ever were!

(Photography credit: Alanna)

We like playing games together. Sometimes we play princess, or animals, or hide and seek. In the picture we're playing ring around the rosies.

That's all for now. Happy valentines day!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentines day photo shoot!

Hey girls! It's Kassandra! We recently had a photo shoot for valentines day. Here it is!

All of us! 
(Picture we used for the header)

The AG's
Me and my sisters Lanie and Felicity.

My little sisters, Sarah, Emeline and Meg.

Behind the scenes!

Mother helping me get into my (fabulous) dress. 
(With Meg waiting too be dressed in the background.)

My sisters (Felicity, Emeline and the twins) waiting too be dressed for the photo shoot!

It was really fun! I felt like a model! 

We'll have more coming soon!


P.S. We might make a video soon!<3

Friday, February 8, 2013


Hello! Mother has been really busy lately so please excuse us for not posting. While you wait you can go to the bottom of the page and look in our archives.

Thank you!