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Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 steps for turning an old bookshelf into an amazing doll house!

Hello! This is Lanie (again) we're going to be getting a spring design soon. But Mother (Meg) has been super busy was Dazzling Design Studio he design blog. But we'll probably have it soon. (Possibly on Sunday!)Also we might be making a video with interviews. 

Anyway I'll get to the actual post now. 

Today I'm going to post about how to make a doll house ( best for 13 and eighteen inch dolls).

(NOTE: This was actually now we live on the top shelf in her closet. We'll post more about that later.)

Step 1: Find an old bookshelf. NOTE: Make sure that it it's okay with your parents, and you don't need the bookshelf any more.

Step 2: Make sure your doll(s) can fit in at least one of the rows like the picture below 

Step 3:Decorate it! Decorate all the rooms the bed rooms, the kitchen, the bathroom and more!
NOTE: If you have a lot of dolls like us, you can make every room a bedroom. But, if you have only one or two dolls, feel free to get creative and  make other rooms. (For example: Bedroom, bathroom, craft room, garden,  TV room and more!)

Here are some ideas

(Note from owner) Felicity is into sports and horses, she's a tomboy. So I designed her poster.

(Note from owner) Lanie is into nature and animals so I made this poster for her room.

Make a poster for your doll!

Step 4: (For bedrooms) Furnish it! For a bedroom put in bedding. (See the picture of me above.) Then Make it her style! If she loves dogs give her a stuffed dog or a dog poster, if she loves dance give her a dance poster or a dance trophy. (For other rooms) If it's a TV room you can make a TV out of cardboard or paper. Is it a library or reading nook? then get little books and comfy bedding. You can almost anything! Just get creative and think!

Step 5: Move your dolls to their new home! Find a spot in your room to keep it in. It's very handy, it doesn't take up much space at all! Just find a good area and set it up. Now let your dolls enjoy their new living space!

Here are some pictures of my complete doll house:

From the top

Felicity's room

My room

Kassy's room

Emeline, Sarah and Meg's room.
Have fun, and thanks for reading!



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