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Dream dolls

Hi! This is a page of our dream dolls. All of the dolls we would love too move too innerstar central with us.

Serenity Grace Lovegood

She would be one of the popular girls. She'd be into dance and she'd be really sweet. She looks a lot like Luna (harry potter) hence the name :)

Saige Nicole Copeland

She would be Felicity's big sister. She'd like art and horses. Saige would probably like hanging out with felicity, but mainly hang out with Lanie and Chrissa. 

Rocky Carrissa Blue

Based off Rocky from Shake it up! I'm not a fan of the name but it would be fun too base her off of Rocky. Her personality would be the same as in the show, she'd be really into dance and she and Cece (see below)would be on Shake it up, Alaska! (Lol).Her other friends would probably be 

Cecelia Grace Jones

Based off Cece from Shake it up! She would have the same personality and all. When she wasn't with Rocky, she'd probably be with Felicity.

Emily Margaret Bennett

Emeline was originally ment too be her little sister. So If we got her she would be nine and Emeline's big sister. Much like she is in the books, she'd be shy, sweet, sensitive and kind. She'd be really into writing and poetry and stuff too.

Rebecca Claire Rubin

Rebecca would be really into acting and drama. She'd also be into singing. I think she's really pretty!

Minli Chen

Minli is a determined girl who loves figure skating. She also like reading and playing with her sisters. 

Thanks for reading! What dolls do you want too add too the family?

The dolls six dolls of innerstar central


  1. I have Molly and my sister has Juilie but that is all! I also have a crissy doll! Her hair grows! I want Rebecca and SAIGE!!! SOOOOO bad but im only allowed one american girl doll unless i win a contest or something! :(

  2. Cool! Her hair grows, wow! Yeah, Saige would be a good sister for Felicity. That's too bad. Meg (Mama) is only allowed too have three american girl dolls. Did you enter the Saige contest on americangirl.com? We did!
    Have a good day!
    ~The dolls of innerstar central~