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Friday, December 28, 2012

I got a google account!

Hi! It's Lanie, I just made  google and blogger accounts! So I'll post on here using my own account! If you have or are a doll please add me on google plus.

~Lanie Taylor~

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas presents!!!

I know we're really late but here we go!

Lanie got a kuspuk (a native Alaskan dress) from Meg's mom.

Up close.

With the hood up.

I got a skirt for my dolls from my little brother.(Sorry it's blurry.)

Up close.

Cute pic of Kassy.

All of us.

Later my grandma and my aunt came over and Kassy got caroline's winter coat.

With the hat.

Up close.

We also got  the Caroline paper doll set.


It comes with Caroline, Lydia and Inkpot.

The clothes.

So cute!

 We got the Molly movie! Can't wait too watch it! Meg saw it when she was younger but doesn't really remember that much.. 

We hope you enjoyed the post!


Sarah and Meg (can't find the signatures)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

We'll post soon!

We'll post our Christmas pics and stuff soon either later tonight or tomorrow. Can't wait!
~The dolls of innerstar central~

Monday, December 24, 2012

Check out this awesome blog!

Dolly girl's treasures is having a goal to get 50 followers  for Christmas. Please follow her blog and post about it on your blog. Thanks!

Merry Chrsitmas Eve!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Me {A post by Kassy}

You already know my name is Kassandra Charlotte Evans. You probably know that  I love cheerleading, that I'm super popular and love shopping, parties and being me! You should know that my nickname is Kassy. You may no that I go to innerstar university and every girl their knows me. You might happen too know that their is another very popular girl named Haili Mason. (See post below.) You can probably tell she's most worst enemy and I hate highly dislike her (Lanie says never too hate anyone). Also I'm the second oldest in my family and I'm nine. I have a best friend named Amy and she's super pretty, sweet, kind, loyal, fashionable, a beautiful singer and my best friend. I have another best friend named Sandy. She's great with horses, pretty, funny, loyal, a wonderful sewer, a great friend and super fun. I love my friends, my sisters and everything about life!

Here are some pictures.

This is one of my favorite outfits ever! Amy helped me pick it out. As I said earlier she's really good with fashion.

This is a great Christmas picture because of Christmas coming so soon! I'm super excited. Don't you love that hair style? Aunt Alanna is really good with hair. She gives me all kinds of cute styles!

Thanks for reading my post!

Cheer on and  merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

'Tis the season to ride horses...

Falalalala lalala!

deck the halls with sports and awesomeness falalalala lalala!

Don we now our fun and crazy times!

Falalalala lalala!

Winter's coming, merry Christmas,


You guessed it! It's me Lissy! I know I'm not as good at writing and making things sound pretty like Lanie and Emeline, but still it was kind of fun! And Fun-ny! But I don't really care about being all pretty anyway.

Anyway merry Christmas and Happy holidays too all my awesome followers!

Oh guess what! We even have our own little Christmas tree! We got to decorate it and everything! It's super awesome. I'll tell Lanie or Kassy to post pictures soon.

I know this was kind of a lousy post but I'm just bored so I decided too. Well everyone said it was my turn to post and I never did. But now Kassandra miss queen of bossiness is making me delete this part

Happy horse riding, sport playing and enjoying the holidays,

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Check out this giveaway!

So cool! I have a chance to win a new big sister! You do too if you enter this giveaway, Have a colourful day! (I wonder why it says that's spelled wrong? That's how miss Williams back in England taught us.) Oh well.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The popular girls

Hi girls! Today I'm going to post about my friends and enemy. The popular girls at Innerstar University, or innerstaru for short.Me and all my sisters go there every day for school. Speaking of school what are you girls doing for thanksgiving break? Anyway, here are the pops and what I think of them.

(Photo by Alanna)

Amy Allison B.
Amy is one of my BFFs and my cousin, she's really sweet and very pretty. She has a great sense of fashion and she'll make a great model and fashion designer. Amy's in fourth grade like me. She isn't a cheerleader, but she is the most fashionable girl in innerstaru making her equally popular. Though not to much but that's fine with me.

Sandy Lynn R.
She's my other BFF. She's great with horses and loves rising star stables. Even though she seems like felicity she does have a popular side to her. She loves sleepovers and hanging with and making new friends. She's not really to popular but I would never let that get between us. Besides that Sandy and Amy are loyal and would never leave me for the more popular.

Haili Lauryn M.
I have no clue what her parents were thinking when they spelled Haili (as in Haley or Hailey) and Lauryn (as in Lauren)!Anyway she lives on a farm, but boards in bright star house. She is (as well as me) one (out of two) the most popular girl in school! Which is one of the reasons we're enemies. Or maybe because she tried  to steal one of my BFFs Sandy, or maybe because we are just so different and alike at the same time. But whatever it is we're arch enemies. 

Monette Mckaylin W.
Kayla was very mad at her parents for naming her Monette. So she goes by Kayla from her middle name, Mckaylin. Kayla is actually really sweet and loves pink and make up. She's a cheerleader like me and Haili .(Sorry I forgot to mention that about Haili.) Kayla is what you call an "on and off friend" one day she and Haili are BFFs, the next she won't talk to Haili and is hanging out with me. Kayla is always  trying to be the best. In cheer, in school and in popularity. Probably explains the whole "on and off friends" thing. Her parents are super rich so she likes bragging about that to. 

Their are a lot of others but these are my main friends/enemies so that's all! 

Who are your friends and enemies? What school do you go to?

Cheer on!

Monday, November 19, 2012

My twin! (By Licity)

Okay I know I just posted... But! I was looking at Saige stuff with Mama and I realized something...
SAIGE LOOKS JUST LIKE ME!!! (kind of...)
Okay so she has a horse next to her in the picture (like me :D) Plus, She has auborn hair (like me) and freckles (not like me, but I REALY wish I did).

Here she is! Doesn't she look like me? I like the dress (even though I don't like wearing dresses :P) Plus it's not all pinky like Chrissa's dress. Anyway I have to go.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

This or that! (by Felicity)

Hi, This is Lissy! Today I'm going to do a this or that. American girl doll style!











Chrissa and her friends, Sonali and Gwen - 2009Chrissa and her friends, Sonali and Gwen - 2009
Sonali, Chrissa or Gwen?

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dazzling design studio! (posted by Kassy Evans)

Hey girls! So Meg (not as in the little doll)  made the website where you can get blog designs, posters, create-a-dolls, ect. It's so cool!She showed it to me when I got home from cheer. It's like, so cute! Anyway all my friends (Amy, Sandy and all the popular cheerleaders,) agree she did a fab job designing it! Go check it out! http://dazzlingdesignstudio.blogspot.com/

Thanks for checking out my post!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Re-named!!! (sort of)

Hello! This is Lanie. Or should I say Melanie! My mother decided to re-name me Melanie! My nickname is Lanie though : ) Anyway I just wanted to make that (awesome!) announcement.

P.S. My middle name, Taylor was named after Taylor swift. Because I look like her ; )

take some please!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My innerstaru account {by Kassy}

Hi girls! It's Kassy the popular, friendly, girly-girl, cheerleader. If you want to add me on innerstaru my account is kasandra76 and my BFF Amy's is amy2777. Please add us as friends! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dolloween pics! {By all the dolls}

Hello! So Mama took some cute Dolloween pictures, here they are!

Lanie was a surfer/beach girl. The funnest part was making the surf board! We cut out the shape of a card board box, then covered it with paper and decorated it!

Kassy was a pop star, every year one of the dolls is the same thing as Mother. Last year Lanie was a figure skater, matching Mother!

Felicity was a gymnast

She did some warm ups

Here she is doing a handstand 

Emeline was a ballet princess/Genevieve. She was going to just be a ballerina. But then when she saw Sarah's costume she decided she would be a ballet princess. Then She remembered her favorite Barbie movie the twelve dancing princesses and decided to be Genevieve. 

Here she is waving

Meg wanted to be tinker bell. She's really into tinker bell all of a sudden, she won't stop begging to see secret of the wings because she's only seen three of the movies.

Sarah was a princess, or more specifically, Bella. "Belle's first daughter" Sarah has such a big imagination. 

How was your Dolloween? What did you dress up as?

Have a good weekend,