Welcome! We're the six dolls of innerstar central. For more about us go to the About us! page. We hope you enjoy our blog!

About us!

Hello and thanks for stopping by! We're the dolls of innerstar central, six girls that all got adopted into our mothers family. We all live in innerstar central together and attend innertsar university together. Have fun getting too know us!

Biography: Lanie was adopted from Boston, Massachusetts. She lived in a foster home. She is twelve and in sixth grade at innerstar university. She loves animals and happens to be very good with them too. Unless someone tells them no one ever knows that Lanie was adopted sisters to Sarah and Meg. They actually look like real sisters! Unlike Kassy who is their real (unadopted) big sister. When Melanie grows up she wants to be a zoologist. (zo-aw-la-jist). She'll be able to study and help animals. You can find her at the blue sky nature center or the pet palooza any time!


Full name: Melanie Taylor Holland.
Nickname: Lanie (usually called that).
Age: 12.
Grade: 6.
Personality: Kind, Loyal, Animal lover, Sweet.
Hobbies: Reading, playing with animals, going on nature hikes.
Friends: Chrissa, Amy and Sandy.
Best friend: Chrissa.


Biography: Kassandra Evans was adopted from California with her little sisters Sarah and Meg.She's girly, popular and loves having slumber parties. Kassy is ten and in fourth grade at innerstar university. You'll usually find her giggling with a crowd of girls or practicing her cheer routines. 

Full name: Kassandra Charlotte Evans.
Nickname: Kassy.
Age: 10.
Grade: 4.
Personality: Girly, popular, friendly and determinded.
Hobbies: Cheerleading, shopping, having sleepovers and more!
Friends: Amy, Sandy, Lanie and Chrissa.
Best friend: Amy and Sandy.


Biography: Felicity was adopted from Virginia. She was in a foster home in Williams burg. She is eight-years-old. Felicity loves horse riding, basketball, soccer and anything athletic! She is a tomboy, but she is also very sweet. Everyone says if she were six her and Meg would be best friends, because of their same personality. When she grows up Lissy whats to be a horse instructor. And help girls ride horses at riding star stables. She is a third grader at innerstar university. You can find her at the rising star stables or good sports center any time!


Full name: Felicity Rose-Ginny Merriman.
Nickname: Licity or Lissy.
Age: 8.
Grade: 3.
Personality: Tomboy, horse lover, mischievous, sporty.
Hobbies: Basketball, track, gymnastics, horse riding.
Friends: Ann, Laura and Sandy.
Best friend: Ann.


Biography: Emeline Bennett was adopted from Wales, England where she attended Wales academy of dance and theatre training. She is very talented for being only seven years old. She moved here last year and is now attending second grade in innerstar univeristy with her sisters. She likes practicing dance at the U shine hall on campus. 

Full name: Emeline Abigail Bennett.
Nickname: Emma and Em. 
Age: 7.
Grade: 2.
Personality: Sweet, shy, passionate and loving.
Hobbies: Ballet, tap, jazz, singing and making up poems. 
Friends: Sarah and Meg.
Best friend: Sarah.

Biography: Meg Evans was adopted from California with her twin sister Sarah and her big sister Kassandra. Meg loves sports and puppies. She's super friendly and always curious about new animals, people and places. She and Sarah are normally hanging out at the pet palooza. 

Full name: Meg Robyn Evans.
Nickname: None
Age: 6.
Grade: 1.
Personality: Fun, puppy loving, energetic, curious and friendly.
Hobbies: Soccer, little league, playing and grooming pupies.
Friends: Sarah and Emeline.
Best friend: Sarah.


Biography: Sariah "Sarah" Evans was adopted from California with her sisters. She now attends innerstar university in first grade with her twin sister Meg. Sarah; much like her twin is very friendly and loves puppies. Sarah is always willing too make new friends, and always the first too introduce herself too new people. 

Full name: Sariah Kate Evans.
Nickname: Sarah (usually called that).
Age: 6.
Grade: 1.
Personality: Friendly, sweet, outoing, puppy loving and girly.
Hobbies: Playing with and caring for puppies, 
Friends: Meg and Emeline.
Best friend: Emeline and Meg.

We hope you enjoyed getting too know us! We love making new friends so please introduce yourself!

~The dolls of innerstar central~


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  2. Okay we definitely will! Thanks for checking out our blog!
    Melanie, Kassy, Felicity, Meg, Emeline and Sarah.

  3. Cool! I love all the outfits! I make outfits for my dolls. Dresses! Could I send you a picture of one?

  4. Sure! We'd love too see them! Just go to the Contact us/Acounts page and Email Lanie. Thanks for being our friend!
    ~The dolls of innerstar central~