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Thursday, October 25, 2012

I love to dance!

Hi, it's Emeline. As you know I really love to dance! I especially love ballet! I worked on dance after school today.

Here I am doing my warm ups

Isn't my tutu sparkly? I love my ballet outfit!

Mama was on her computer when she saw this, and thought of me! So I thought I'd post it.



(Mama's going to get us new signatures soon.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

About us! {Part two}

Hi, so it's our (the little girls) turn. We'll do oldest to youngest.

Well I guess that means I'm first! (Lanie is helping us type because we're only in first grade!)

Hello! My name is Emeline Bennett. I was adopted from Wales, England where I went to a boarding school. My parents died when I was little and when I turned five I left my small town (Birmingham) and went to the Wales school for girls. Now I'm seven and a couple months ago my Mother adopted me. My favorite hobbies are dancing (especially ballet!), playing with my friends, having sleepovers and playing with my pet cat cinnamon. When I grow up I want to be a famous Ballerina. My best friends are Sarah and Meg. Anyway Meg is really excited for her turn so I better go. Oh and here is a picture:

Okay, it's my turn I'm a tomboy like Felicity. Only mainly I like sports. So I'm not mainly a tomboy. I'm mainly a sports girl. I was adopted from California with my big sister Kassy and my little twin sister Sarah. She's only younger by about 6 minutes, but I'm still older than her. I'm 6 year old girl. I like soccer, little league and all sports. When I grow up I wanna be a sports star. And Kassy will be grown up to and her famous cheer team can cheer us on. Or I can be a veterinarian like Sarah will be. My best friend is Sarah and Emeline.But I do like playing with Ann and Lissy. This is my picture of me:

Hi. I'm Sariah. But everybody calls me Sarah. You've already heard it twice, but I was adopted from a foster home in California with my twin sister Meg, and my big sister Kassy. I'm the youngest Me and my sister Meg are SUPER DUPER PUPPY CRAZY! She didn't tell because I wanted to. So many puppies and pther animals get sick or break their paw and I am willing to help! So I'll be a veterinarian when i grow up. I can't wait to be old enough to work at the animal shelter. I'm six like my sister and Sarah and Emeline and Meg are my best friends. Everyone says I'm really sweet and SUPER friendly. I'm always making new friends because I don't like being lonely and I know how lonely girls (and boys) feel, so I make sure they aren't friendless. I get this from my big sister Kassy who is SUPER popular. I better go but her's a picture!

Good bye! And thanks for following Delaney and Dollygirl! Have a happy Wednseday!





Sunday, October 21, 2012

About us!

Hello there! We're six sisters, we're Lanie, Kassy, Felicity, Emeline, Meg and Sarah. We're making this blog together, we'll have fun posts, pictures, quizzes and crafts! Here is a bit of all of us.

Okay since I'm the oldest I'll go first. My name is Lanie Holland, I was adopted after Felicity bu I'm older, I'm eleven. I was adopted from Boston, Massachusetts.I love hiking, camping, climbing tree's, playing with animals and anything else outdoorsy! My best friend is Chrissa. Maxwell. (She's Alanna's doll click here to see her blog.) Here is a picture of me:

It's my turn now! I'm Kassandra Evans, but you can call me Kassy. I was adopted from California with my little sisters Meg and Sarah. I'm a girly girl who loves cheerleading. I'm the most popular girl a my school and I love making new friends! My best friends are Amy (Alanna's doll same link as above) and Sandy (My Mother's best friend's AG doll) I'm ten-years-old, but since I go to innerstar university I can still be a cheerleader! So That's good. Anyway Lissy's bugging me about giving her a turn so I better go. Oh and Here's a pic.

Okay It's my turn, finally! Sorry about my sister Kassy. Don't worry if you're a tomboy like me, you're probably thinking "oh no! this is a blog full of girly girls! " but I'm here! Alright let me start my intro.
I was adopted from Virginia. I'm 8 years old. I love, gymnastics, basketball, soccer and anything sports! My best friend is Ann (same link as above). My nickname is Lissy. Here's my pic!

Well we have to go! Emeline, Meg and Sarah will post soon!