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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentines day post by Kassy!

Hello! We're going to be doing a thing where every one in the family takes turns posting about Valentines Day! So Kassandra's first.

Okay, so first off I'm going too post a valentines day guess it.

It might be kind of easy, but this is our first guess it.
Here are the rules:
-You can only guess once
-You are aloud too look at the american girl website too try and figure it out
-Have fun!

Now for fashion:
I have some photos of cute Valentines day fashion ideas.

This is very cute for a photo shoot or anything like that. It's very cutsie and princessy. (Pefect for a Valentines day pageant...)

SNEEK PEEK: This picture is a sneek peek on our spring fashion shoot. 
This is good for Valentines day because it's a pretty shade of light pink. It's good for a nice everday outfit.
(NOTE: Last picture's photography credit too Alanna @ The Dollightful Blog.)
Now for the last section of the post: Friendship!

Sandy! She's an awesome friend who's great at horse back riding, sewing and cooking! For more about her click here and here.

Amy! My awesome cousin! She's really good at picking out cute outfits and doing hair. She wants too be a model when she grows up (which I think is possible because she's really pretty <3). For more about Amy go too the two links above.
(Photography credit: Alanna B.)

Me and my sisters. I'm not really friends with Lissy because she's too tomboyish and we don't get along too well. But we're sisters and family love each other, so yeah. Lanie is my friend even though she's more outdoorsy and actually cares about getting A's in school. 

Well that's it for today! Later we'll have tags, this or thats, and photoshoots. 

Oh and don't forget too check our giveaway! (See below.)



  1. Yep! I'll post your award tomorrow.

  2. Aw man! Just getting ready to say that! Oh Well congratulations dollygirl!
    Flower! :)

  3. That's okay! It happens too me a lot too :( Anyway thanks for commenting!
    ~The dolls of innerstar central~

  4. Your welcome! This is my new favorite blog! Keep posting!

  5. Aww. Thanks so much! We'll post again tomorrow :)
    ~The dolls of innerstar central~

  6. Just to say.... I just got my own blog and put your blog on there! My Blog isnt ready yet but if you like you can check it out! Its: craftingwithmnm.wordpress.com! Thanks