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Thursday, January 17, 2013


We're back!!! We really missed everyone, but did enjoy the break.

We talked it over through the break and finally decided that we could have a...


Our very first giveaway! It's nothing huge since we obviously don't have any sponsors. (Maybe when we get more popular...) Anyway Sarah and Meg insisted we have a commercial thingy so here we go:

Do you only have historical and girl of the year dolls? Or maybe you got you my american girl doll back when she was called a just like me doll? Or maybe you don't have any AG dolls at all and really want one? Well we have a solution! A free two week pass to innerstaru.com!

Anyway you know how at the end off the choose your own ending books they have a bookmark with a code? Well it has a two week full member ship to innerstaru. That's what Mama used before she got Kassy. (Fun fact: She chose the one Kassy looked like and named it Kasandra. Thats why she ended up naming her Kassandra. Kassy for short.)

Here's how to enter:

Comment below and fill this out this form.

Your name (or pen name):
A link to your blog:
Your email address:

You must follow this blog.
You must post about it on your blog.
All submission is due by: Midnight on February 25.

This is not a competition. I will draw a name randomly out of a box.

We will email the code too you if you win!

Good luck!



P.S. We finished the about us! page. Please check it uot!


  1. Name: Alanna
    blog link: http://dollightfulblog.blogspot.com/
    e-mail: you know it

  2. Thanks for joining! Hopefully more people will..
    Thanks again, and good luck!
    ~The dolls of innerstar centtral~

  3. I would love to enter, but I already have got an innerstar U account.
    Love, Pretty Lilly

  4. That's okay. Thanks for checking anyway!
    ~The dolls of nnerstar central~

  5. Name- Flower
    I dont have a blog but when i do ill put your button on it! :)
    I subscribed and my email is addieboo75@gmail.com! Thanks! I LOVE your blog! Dont give up, keep going and it will keep getting popular! I hope I win but good luck to everyone!

  6. OH I have a little sister named Bella! She doesnt have an email but would like to enter! Can i enter her through my other email please!? Thanks!

  7. I just became your 10th follower!!

  8. Thanks for entering! Thanks, I don't have very many followers. But my sisters blog is more popular and she posted about it their so hopefully I'll get more followers. Thanks for being one! You can enter Bella I'll put your names in :)
    Thanks again and good luck!
    ~Meg and the dolls of innerstar central~

  9. Thanks! Bella is happy! Ive always wanted to try innerstar u!!
    I am glad to be one of your followers!!

  10. Name: Dollygirl
    Blog link: http://dollygirlstreasures.blogspot.ca/
    Email: tuttifrutti910(at)rocketmail(dot)com
    I follow and posted on my blog! :)

  11. Hi! We won't be entering, but I just wanted to comment and say hi! =D So "HI!!!" =)
    You have a great blog!

    1. That's okay. Thanks for following! Do you have a blog? We'd love to follow you.
      ~The dolls of innerstar central~

  12. Name: Mikayla
    Blog address: http://myamericangirdolllblog.blogspot.com
    E-mail: mikaelavall@yahoo.com

    1. Thanks for entering! You entered just in time! We'll announce the winner in a few days.
      Good luck!
      ~The dolls of innerstar central~