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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The popular girls

Hi girls! Today I'm going to post about my friends and enemy. The popular girls at Innerstar University, or innerstaru for short.Me and all my sisters go there every day for school. Speaking of school what are you girls doing for thanksgiving break? Anyway, here are the pops and what I think of them.

(Photo by Alanna)

Amy Allison B.
Amy is one of my BFFs and my cousin, she's really sweet and very pretty. She has a great sense of fashion and she'll make a great model and fashion designer. Amy's in fourth grade like me. She isn't a cheerleader, but she is the most fashionable girl in innerstaru making her equally popular. Though not to much but that's fine with me.

Sandy Lynn R.
She's my other BFF. She's great with horses and loves rising star stables. Even though she seems like felicity she does have a popular side to her. She loves sleepovers and hanging with and making new friends. She's not really to popular but I would never let that get between us. Besides that Sandy and Amy are loyal and would never leave me for the more popular.

Haili Lauryn M.
I have no clue what her parents were thinking when they spelled Haili (as in Haley or Hailey) and Lauryn (as in Lauren)!Anyway she lives on a farm, but boards in bright star house. She is (as well as me) one (out of two) the most popular girl in school! Which is one of the reasons we're enemies. Or maybe because she tried  to steal one of my BFFs Sandy, or maybe because we are just so different and alike at the same time. But whatever it is we're arch enemies. 

Monette Mckaylin W.
Kayla was very mad at her parents for naming her Monette. So she goes by Kayla from her middle name, Mckaylin. Kayla is actually really sweet and loves pink and make up. She's a cheerleader like me and Haili .(Sorry I forgot to mention that about Haili.) Kayla is what you call an "on and off friend" one day she and Haili are BFFs, the next she won't talk to Haili and is hanging out with me. Kayla is always  trying to be the best. In cheer, in school and in popularity. Probably explains the whole "on and off friends" thing. Her parents are super rich so she likes bragging about that to. 

Their are a lot of others but these are my main friends/enemies so that's all! 

Who are your friends and enemies? What school do you go to?

Cheer on!


  1. Cool blog! Meet you on Innerstar U soon!
    Xxx Pretty Lilly AG

    Innerstar U name : Rory 73

  2. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by!
    ~Meg & the dolls~