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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dolloween pics! {By all the dolls}

Hello! So Mama took some cute Dolloween pictures, here they are!

Lanie was a surfer/beach girl. The funnest part was making the surf board! We cut out the shape of a card board box, then covered it with paper and decorated it!

Kassy was a pop star, every year one of the dolls is the same thing as Mother. Last year Lanie was a figure skater, matching Mother!

Felicity was a gymnast

She did some warm ups

Here she is doing a handstand 

Emeline was a ballet princess/Genevieve. She was going to just be a ballerina. But then when she saw Sarah's costume she decided she would be a ballet princess. Then She remembered her favorite Barbie movie the twelve dancing princesses and decided to be Genevieve. 

Here she is waving

Meg wanted to be tinker bell. She's really into tinker bell all of a sudden, she won't stop begging to see secret of the wings because she's only seen three of the movies.

Sarah was a princess, or more specifically, Bella. "Belle's first daughter" Sarah has such a big imagination. 

How was your Dolloween? What did you dress up as?

Have a good weekend,


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  1. Cute costumes! They are so creative!

    *~* MCKENNA *~*