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Thursday, December 20, 2012

'Tis the season to ride horses...

Falalalala lalala!

deck the halls with sports and awesomeness falalalala lalala!

Don we now our fun and crazy times!

Falalalala lalala!

Winter's coming, merry Christmas,


You guessed it! It's me Lissy! I know I'm not as good at writing and making things sound pretty like Lanie and Emeline, but still it was kind of fun! And Fun-ny! But I don't really care about being all pretty anyway.

Anyway merry Christmas and Happy holidays too all my awesome followers!

Oh guess what! We even have our own little Christmas tree! We got to decorate it and everything! It's super awesome. I'll tell Lanie or Kassy to post pictures soon.

I know this was kind of a lousy post but I'm just bored so I decided too. Well everyone said it was my turn to post and I never did. But now Kassandra miss queen of bossiness is making me delete this part

Happy horse riding, sport playing and enjoying the holidays,

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