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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring break... (Posted by Kassandra)

Hey girls!This week we've been on spring break. (Oh and Lanie wanted me to tell you that Mother is really busy and will only be able to post the awards. Hopefully tomorrow.) It's been really great! My bestie Sandy came over with her owner (Mother's best friend) and we played a boarding school game. We do a lot of those because our owners/mothers think their really fun. I'm always the mean girl. Like REALLY mean. I'm not a snob. I just liking being popular, the best in cheer, competitive and sometimes I'm a bit mean to Hailie (if you don't know about Hailie read about her here) (Lanie: Your really mean to her. I think you girls would be great friends if you quite fighting over "popularity" who wants to be popular? I just want to have good loyal friends.) (Kassy: Lanie, just because your all responsible and goody good doens't mean I have to be.)

Anyway! On to what I've been doing on spring break.  Last weekend I went to sleepover with Amy (My cousin and other BFF; Meg's sister Alanna's doll.) It was so fun! Just me, her, Lanie and Chrissa. (No annoying little kids or tomboys.) We did cute hairstyles for each other, and I showed them a cheer routine I was working on. And over the week I've been hanging out with friends and stuff. However, we still have cheer three times a week. Theirs a big basketball game coming up (Felicity: Starring me and Ann! The awesome people!) and we're going to cheer for them. Everyone's going to be their! The bad news is, Hailie gets to be at the top of the pyramid. : ( But, I get to do a back flip at the very end! Save the best for last ; ) 

Well, that's about it... What have you and your owners/moms been doing  for spring break?(or going to do, some of you don't get spring break for a while.)

Kassandra Charlotte Evans

P.S. Photo credit to Alanna.

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