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Saturday, March 16, 2013

I found Kassy's diary! (Buahhahahaha!)

Hi! It's Lissy, and guess what I found hidden underthe mattress on our bed? Kassy's diary! It kept saying stuff like, keep out! until the fifth page. Anyway it's kind of boring at first, just talking about slumber parties, Hailie (seriously? you to are weird), and annyoing sisters. (Really Kassy? Your are the annoying sister. But Towards the middle I found some pretty juicy stuff ;) Hahahaha-haaaaaaah!

I found out that she snuck to Kayla's slumber party when she was grounded. (I don't really care, but Mother will :D) And I know who she likes ;) Bleh! Kassy is so weird :P Anway, by the time she reads this post I'll be done with the diary. 

I know she'll be really mad but she deserves it.  She always does mean pranks on me. One time, she put make up on me in my sleep! It ttok forever to get it off, but since perfect little Kassy "Doesn't have any make" (She actually does, even though Mother says she's not aloud to wear it until she's 14) she didn't even get in trouble! Speaking of getting grounded I will probably be stuck in my room for days. Mom checks our posts often. But it's totally worth it!

I told Ann about it and we read some, Ann agrees. Kassandra's diary is priceless! (Don't worry Kass we're the only ones that now. Lanie would tattle and so would Emeline and Sarah. Meg probably wouldn't, but she never keeps secrets from Sarah. She would tell Sarah, and she would blab about it to Mother.) 

Oh now! Kassy just got back from cheer! She walking into her room! She'll see me! (I'm on Meg's bed typing on her laptop.

I have to go before she sees me!


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