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Friday, June 14, 2013

The twin wars part 1

Hi! This is Sarah. I'm going to tell you about what happened today with Meg.

So we were just playing together as usual when our friends came over. One of my friends from school is Penny and Meg's friend from school is Leah. Penny said that Leah was picking on her, and that if my sister was going to be friends with a meanie she didn't want to be with Meg. Leah said Penny was being a cry baby (which she wasn't!) and that she couldn't be friend's with a crybaby.

Me and Meg always stick up for each other. We're Sarah and Meg, Meg and Sarah, we belong together! But instead Meg agreed with Leah and now she isn't talking to me! Her and Leah played soccer while me and Leah played princesses but I couldn't stop thinking about how mean meg was being. I tried talking to Leah but she said who wants a meany sister anyway.

After our play date I tried talking to Meg but she wouldn't say a word! At first I told Kassy but she said it's called a silent treatment, and that's what your friends do when they're mad. She says being popular comes with a lot of backstabbing but I never see a knife in her back. (Lanie: It's just an expression Me: Oh! Okay.)

Finally I went to my other bestfriend/sister Emeline she says getting older will be hard but she'll try talking to Meg about it. (Em's really good at cheering people up and fixing fights.)

I hope she still wants to be my BTSITWWW (best twin sister in the whole wide world).

Hugs and kisses,

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