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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My name and it's meaning: Lanie

Hello! It's Lanie, and we're going to each post about our name, it's meaning, and why our Mother named us it. We're doing oldest to youngest so I'm first!

(This is an edit my Mother made of my. I have brown hair! :D)


Name: First

Meaning: Bright shining one. 

Why I was named this: I'm GOTY 2012 so I was named by american girl. But my mother says it suits me well. 

Fun Fact: For awhile I was named Alaina, then for awhile I was named Delanie, Then for a while I was named Melanie and then my Mother finally just decided that I could be Lanie. :)


Name: Middle

Meaning: Tailor

Why I was named this: Because it's one of Mama's favorite names and she thinks it really suits me. 

Fun Fact: For awhile my middle name was Lily, but my Mother didn't think it sounded very good so she changed it. 


Name: Last

Meaning: Unknown

Why I was named this: Again, it was because of the books. Still, it's really pretty and I think it suits me. :)

Thanks for reading! More coming soon!


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