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Friday, July 5, 2013

My name and it's meaning: Felicity

Hello! I'm doing mine first instead of Kassandra. So, here we go!


Name: First

Meaning: Good fortune, Happy. This suits me because I'm hyper and excited!

Why I was named this: I'm a hysterical doll (a retired one! :C) and I'm often called Licity, Lissy or Lis.

Fun Fact: Even though I've had a lot of nick names I'm one of the only dolls that didn't have a different or planned out first name.


Name: Middle

Meaning: Rose; A flower Ginny; Virginal

Why I was named this: I was originally going to to be Rose because of the roses on my dress, and Meg thought it sounded good with Felicity. Then because I remind her of Ginny and she likes the name she decided to combine the names and make Rose-Ginny.

Fun Fact: I'm the only doll with a double middle name.


Name: Last

Meaning: Unkown. Although I thinksomething like, merry, happy or jolly because it's Merrimann or merry man.

Why I was named this: It's my last name in the books.

Fun Fact: It's a happy name like Felicity. :)

Thanks for reading! More posts coming soon!

Have a good day!

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